Manufactures of Quality Plastic Bags and Film Products


Olympic Plastic Bags Ltd., has stood at the forefront of the polyethylene packing industry for more than 30 years.



Our History

  •  Established in April 1st, 1983, only made garbage bags
  •  Continue through 80's with little change in operations.
  •  Survived the recession in the early 90's and made changes to strengthen their completive position.
  •  Bought new Single fold-bag machine in mid-90's to make individually folded bags.
  •  Expanded product lines and entered new bag markets in 1998.
  •  Decided to vertically integrate and started to make our own film in 2002.
  •  Moved to a brand new state of art manufacturing facility in 2004.
  •  Improved production output dramatically with new extrusion ability in 2007
  •  Hired more management staff to strengthen the management team