Manufactures of Quality Plastic Bags and Film Products

Customized Solutions

 Olympic Plastic Bags Limited’s focus is on manufacturing and creating, plastic bags and film products that offer exceptional performance and unique customized solutions for a wide range of industrial, commercial, medical, and retail applications.



Olympic plastic Bags provides a ONE STOP approach for all your flexible packaging need with a fully functional and integrated extrusion, print and converting facility.  Our success is largely due to its keen approach to pricing and the flexibility of its manufacturing operation, ensuring clients receive a high quality, cost effective service with rapid turn-around times.  Quality control is monitored throughout every stage of our process, not only by the Operators but also by Supervision, and several key Management personnel, to make certain that no inferior product leaves the facility.

We are equipped to comply with the most rigorous standards for product quality, ISO 9001 registered and SFQ certified.